We pride ourselves on having a team of people committed to taking care of your wine as if it is our own. Everyone is key in this job with each having his/her own expertise. You will be hard pressed to find a harder working, more dedicated team out there.



Our fearless founder has been farming in the Sacramento Delta area for 60+ years. Along the way, he did gymnastics rings in college, was an avid mountain climber (Himalayas), backpacker, skier, world traveler & flew small planes. He now divides his time between, farming, grape growing and the wine business. His “favorite part of being in” the wine business is tasting the wine.


vice president

Prior to joining her father in the wine business, Celia spent 20 years in the advertising business as an Account Manager, then an owner of an advertising agency. Managing accounts is not very different from managing products – both require customer service & project management skills, with a dash of creativity thrown in. Celia also runs the family’s label, Dancing Coyote, so understands the wine business from top to bottom. Other than wine, her passions are spending time with her three kids, doing yoga, hiking & traveling. Occasionally she’s lucky enough to combine them – like her yoga retreats in Bali and Thailand with her daughter & hiking trip to Machu Picchu with her son.

Ramirez Duran

winery manager

Alfonso, our winery manager, has had a long history of being in the wine business, both in the Lodi area, as well as Napa. Though he originally went to UC Davis to be a teacher, along the way he somewhat fell into this business and quickly developed a passion for wine and winemaking. Born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, he’s mostly lived in California with a 5-year stint in Chicago. His favorite hobby is ham radio, and he belongs to two ham radio clubs! Having worked at multiple wineries prior to working for us, Alfonso brings us a wealth of knowledge in all areas of winery management!


financial manager

Kadee has been working for the McCormack family even before we bought this winery. Ironically, our families have been intertwined for generations. Her grandfather worked as a ranch manager for us for many years and her first summer high school job was tying grapes in our vineyards. She’s a master at keeping our inventory, compliance and accounting meticulous. In her down time, she loves spending time with her family and is also an avid quilter! As you can see, she’s also an avid Seattle Seahawks fan.


accounts management

For customers, Danielle is the face of McCormack Williamson’s Winery. She is key to dealing with incoming and outgoing wine shipments, helping manage inventory & billing and maintaining customer accounts. She’s also our in-house inventory software expert. Danielle loves the complexity of wine and getting to see it in progress from grape to bottle. That’s not surprising given her list of other skills – playing the piano, dancing and writing poetry. But she is really known for her baking (often with her two daughters), in fact she made Tempranillo brownies for Wine & Chocolate one year that were unbelievable!


team member

Recto is our longest time employee having started in 2001, not long after we purchased the winery. He was born and raised in the Philippines. Then lived in Milan, Italy, for 15 years, when he was 20 years old. In Italy, he became an avid cycler and still cycles today in his time off. Recto is our cellar master extraordinaire. His work ethic and commitment to our winery would be hard for us to replace. When he was young, he wanted to be a commercial pilot. Fortunately for us, he chose the wine business instead!


team member

Born in Morelia, Mexico, Carlos moved to Lodi when he was 24. As a young boy, he wanted to be a farmer when he grew up so he started his career growing wine grapes. He later moved to wine production, where cellar work has become his specialty. He loves that the wine industry is global in that many countries make wine, and mostly all of them enjoy wine! When Carlos isn’t working or spending time with his family, he loves to play soccer, which he’s been playing since he was six years old!


team member

Although Omar is one of the newer members of our team (having been with us since 2019), it feels like he’s been part of the family since the beginning. His attention to detail and constant determination to make processes better & more efficient is key to keeping our case goods warehouse running smoothly. Born in Lodi, but raised in Monterrey, Mexico, he somewhat followed in his father’s footsteps who worked in the wine industry for many years. Omar enjoys both making wine and tasting wine. In his off time, he loves his visits to Oregon, while spending time with family & exploring the beautiful scenery.


team member

Dominador – who we all just know as Dom, has been an integral part of our team since 2008. He was born and raised in the Philippines, and immigrated to California in 2005. He is a father of 8 children (including a set of twin boys)! Ironically, he is 1 of 8 children himself. Any one of his co-workers will tell you, he is one of the most polite, friendliest and hardworking guys in the industry.

Ramos Gonzalez

team member

The youngest member of our team, Isaias started working for us before he could legally drink wine! Good thing that has changed. Born and raised in Colima, Mexico, he moved to California when he was in grade school. He has quickly become an integral part of our team and brings us a refreshingly young perspective to the wine business. Always smiling, he loves being a joker and making people laugh. He played competitive volleyball for many years and is now an avid board game player with family and friends.


winemaking consultant

Chad has been the consulting winemaker for our winery since day one. He knows the ins and outs of this place better than anyone. He majored in plant sciences and chemistry, so winemaking was a natural career path. Plus, he thought making wine seemed romantic. As it turns out, he met his wife in the lab at Gallo and now she is a well-respected geneticist for Stanford University. Chad himself is highly respected in the wine industry. He has worked with many top wineries in the Lodi area and continues to produce award winning wines. But his real dream is to live in a camper van and travel around the country.